The Great Gatsby

Sample essay paragraphs

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Daisy has always been rich and Gatsby thought that in to get Daisy back , he needs to have money and be able to give Daisy anything she wants

Of course , Gatsby wants money so that he can buy Daisy ‘s love

Gatsby comes east looking for another type of wealth – Daisy ‘s Love

Paper Topic: The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby F

For some that meant money , for Gatsby it was to attain Daisy ‘s love

Tom , Daisy , and Gatsby were all westerners who want to go east because of better opportunities

Scott Fitzgerald ‘s novel The Great Gatsby is all about the American Dream

Nick wanted to be self-sufficient so he moved to the east and saw how money corrupted people

This work by Fitzgerald is entirely centered around the materialistic dreams that the East Eggers have sought

Sadly , Gatsby ‘s dream goes unfulfilled as he tries to capture the love he had sought for so many years

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