the history of social services in the united states

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Paper Topic: the history of social services in the united states HISTORY OF SOCIAL SERVICES IN THE UNITED STATES The United States has a long and celebrated history of social services to address the specific needs of the communities in particular periods in history

Famous personalities such as George Washington , Thomas Jefferson , Benjamin Franklin , John Hancock , Samuel Adams , Paul Revere Alexander Hamilton , Benedict Arnold , Aaron Burr , John Jay , John Barry , James Buchanan , and Millard Filmore served as volunteer firefighters in their own companies (Smith 1978 Assistance for Merchant Seamen In the field of health care , the first group to benefit from the organized delivery of health care services were merchant seamen

The Mutual Fire Societies became the backbone of modern firefighting in America (Smith , 1978 1736 was the year when Benjamin Franklin established the first firefighting service and the first fire department in Philadelphia

The continuous demand for firefighting services led to the establishment of other companies , such as the The Fellowship , Hand in Hand , Heart in Hand , and Friendship companies

This is considered as the first recorded organized social service the United States (Collins , 1982

By 1765 , the Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia was the first institution in the United States built exclusively for the care of the sick

The act of 1798 became the forerunner of the modern United States Public Health Service (US Dept

This eventually established the federal network of hospitals and other health care facilities specifically for the care of merchant seamen

Due to the constant occurrences of fires in Boston and Philadelphia the demand and popularity of the Union Fire Company increased significantly since its establishment

Many professionals and wealthy merchants volunteered their Services to these companies

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