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Alexa will show if traffic has generally increased or decreased over time , as well as if page views and rank have increased or decreased Knowing one ‘s traffic ranking is good , because a website owner can see if their website is reaching a significant amount of traffic on the web By checking competitor ‘s websites , owners can also see if their site ranks higher or lower , thereby evaluating how well they are competing in their field

A promotion that increased traffic could obviously be used again , while information that caused a decrease or standstill in traffic may not be used anymore Alexa also provides additional information , like sites linking in to their site , as well as other sites that people visit in addition to theirs

It also helps them to know what other sites are competing with them , and what those sites are doing differently (by visiting both the sites themselves and seeing the sites stats ) to gain more traffic For the following examples , Alexa ranks the sites and provides other information

9 in the last three months Traffic rank was around 123 ,500 in the last week , while it was 94 ,500 in the last three months

com) Traffic ranking is one statistic that is available to website owners The easiest place to find out what one ‘s traffic ranking is HYPERLINK “http /www

This website ranks all the websites on the internet (except for tiny or brand new sites , which don ‘t have enough traffic to necessitate a ranking , and comes up with a number

Alexa also shows owners how their traffic has changed over time , in page views , reach , and overall rank (typically by month , on a graph

This information can help the website owner to create a larger presence on the web by contacting the other sites that their traffic visits and asking for link exchanges

Knowing how traffic has increased or decreased may help a web owner to link a certain type of new information or promotion influenced their web traffic

Its traffic is down over a three month period , as evidenced by Alexa ‘s graphs and stats

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