The Moors: Renaissance Views from Veince and Cordoba

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Paper Topic: The Moors: Renaissance Views from Veince and Cordoba The Moors : Renaissance Views from Venice and Cordoba The Moors were a different community composed of Arab , Berber , African and eventually transformed Iberian Muslims who applied changing levels of power and political control in Spain between 711 and 1492 contributing to the cultural , scientific and intellectual development not only of Iberia (Spain , but also Europe as a whole

Religious meaning was not essential to the author ‘s definition of Moor ‘ On the other hand , the term , when used in the past context of Spain , has always had a particular religious importance , representing the Islamic society of the focus , irrespective of his /her color , race , nationality or ethnicity Moreover , the Muslims in Spain did not literally use the term Moor which is Moro ‘ in Spanish , to recognize themselves

In the 9th and 10th centuries in the capital city of Cordoba in the southern Spain the Moors promoted the arts and sciences , together with the standards of etiquette and sanitation that matched any other European city of that period (Cavallo 18 The term Moor ‘ suggests a range of different meanings and significance for different community or people — religious for a number of racial for others

Moor ‘ comes from the Greek word mauron ‘ and the Latin word maurus ‘ both of which were used during the early Middle Ages to refer to any black-skinned people of Mauritania ‘ a general term for black Africa not the present county of the same term or name

For instance , William Shakespeare ‘s recognized fictional character , Othello , is also called that Moor ‘ of Venice yet it ‘s understandable from the play that he is a Christian black man whose story reveals in Italy In other words , Moor ‘ for Renaissance views leaned toward a implication of non-white cultural otherness or difference

For the Renaissance Venice of modern accounts and of Shakespeare ‘s Othello was a location that could achieve an epistemological function and could force a reconfiguring of thought and knowledge (Shapiro 7 Part of what made the Venice so interesting to its Renaissance views was its contradictory quality : its ability to amaze , to puzzle , and to challenge cognitive categories (Mackenney , 4

The population of al-Andalus was culturally different and would eventually involve numerous peninsular changes who ethnically would be considered as white My sense of Renaissance views includes : it challenges standards and generally held opinions it surprises its “audience ” into amazement and marvel and it comprises opposites without essentially resolving them But views could be more than a rhetorical figure

And there is no question that Renaissance Venice was double : it was positioned on both land and sea a political representation for the West , it did trade with the East (Lestringant 10 ) Catholic , it challenged Rome early in the seventeenth century and was courted by England as a possible Protestant state (Smith 78 ) proudly republican , it also had a reputation or status for

Although several Moors in Spain were Africans and not all were

Throughout this period , the Moors dominated much of what became current Spain and Portugal

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