The poem `Canto General` by Pablo Neruda

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After this first poem , succeeding poems will show how the narrator described his love towards America as his home land along with of different characters and scenarios that were part of American history Therefore , the main objective of Pablo Neruda in this poem is to show the meaning of loving a country despite of all the sufferings and pains that this could and would give to its people Works Cited t d 6 X – r YO W K r h h YO h

It was justified in the forty-first until forty-fifth line of the poem wherein the narrator showed how he loved America and betrayal would not be done to any of his actions Y era la sombra como un pbrpado verde Tierra mna sin nombre , sin Amyrica Estambre equinoccial , lanza de ‘rpura Tu aroma me trepu por las rances Hasta la copa que bebna , hasta la mbs delgada (Neruda 1 :41-45 These lines showed that the narrator has the imposition to his actions towards America whom he loved and could not live without

Paper Topic: The poem `Canto General` by Pablo Neruda As the narrator described the setting or the America itself , he used different images such as rivers , mountain range , land , wind , and water to justify his thoughts that America is a land of beauty and nature

The narrator stated in this part of the poem that he is here to demonstrate the history Therefore , it only means that what the narrator is telling about the setting of the poem is history – not part of the modern world

That is why he illustrated the place in a natural perspective that no man can produce Another important thing in this part is that the author already introduces the main theme of the poem , which is love

These images signify natural phenomenon before the existence of humans


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