the portrayal of diversity in the media.

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The Media Awareness Network explains the obvious reason for stereotyping before outlining other problems associated with stereotypes Media stereotypes are inevitable , especially in the advertising , entertainment and news industries , which need as wide an audience as possible to quickly understand information Stereotypes act like codes that give audiences a quick , common understanding of a person or group of people – usually relating to their class , ethnicity or race , gender , sexual orientation social role or occupation But stereotypes can be problematic

Portrayal of Diversity in the Media Despite the fact that the United States is considered an `immigrant nation ‘ with people from almost all countries of the world adding value to the economy and society as a whole , a study conducted by Children Now has revealed that the family hour ‘ on television , that is , the shows that are aired between 8 and 9pm , are the least ethnically diverse ( Diversity in the Media and Entertainment Industries ‘ 2004 ‘ Only one out of eight shows aired during the family hour ‘ has a mixed cast ( Diversity in the Media and Entertainment Industries

In other words , cinematic roles played by non-white American people have been declining in number ( Diversity in the Media and Entertainment Industries Another issue that the media must confront with regards to portrayal of diversity is the problem of stereotyping

They can : reduce a wide range of differences in people to simplistic categorizations transform assumptions about particular groups of people into realities be used to justify the position of those in power and perpetuate social prejudice and inequality ( Media Stereotyping According to Ungerleider (1991 ) there is a mechanism at play that contributes to the misperception of minorities by the media ‘ This mechanism relates to news being generally constructed into a story or narrative structure with victims , villains , in addition to heroes Issues are typically framed as disagreements or plain conflicts between forces of opposition , thereby making heroes and villains

Apparently advanced degrees in mass communication are not helping journalists and advertisers to be honest in their understanding of people and cultures Given the responsibility to relay truthful information to the public journalists , advertisers and all distributors of entertainment and news across different mediums such as television , newss , radio Internet , etc

Moreover , through mass usage of stereotypes , the media is creating a mass culture , the representatives of which consider it abnormal to step outside the stereotypes ( Media Stereotyping ‘ 2007

It is rare for a person belonging to a minority ethnic group to be portrayed as a hero or heroine

Paper Topic: the portrayal of diversity in the media

should have known that all people and cultures cannot be appreciated through stereotypes

Moreover interpretations that are often repeated become accepted understandings (Ungerleider Ungerleider presents two examples of stereotyping in the Canadian

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