the psychology of music

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They include such emotions as empathy , jealousy , pride , and embarrassment (Johnson-Laird Oatley 2006 Music is recognized by its melody , which is a rhythmical sequence of pitches in a metrical framework ‘ A meter is a regular pulse that provides a framework for rhythm (Johnson-Laird Oatley , 2006 Different songs and music can be recognized by its rhythm and melody The variations in the melody and rhythm evoke different kinds of emotions

A scientific and psychological approach will be used to explain how the brain understands music The communicative theory of emotions ‘ states that emotions are communications in which a small set of signals convey an individual ‘s emotional state to others (Johnson-Laird Oatley , 2006

Norman Weinberger , a fundamental aspect of music perception is recognition of a melody in different keys each note ‘s meaning depends heavily on its context (cited in Dess , 2000 The first hypothesis of the theory is that music in itself creates the basic emotions like happiness and sadness

The authors differentiated the two types of emotions by stating that Basic emotions are innate and have their own distinctive signals in the brain

The second hypothesis of the theory is that music creates emotions by mimicking the main characteristics of thought , speech , and emotional behaviour

According to the communicative theory , emotions can be classified as basic and complex

This will give an explanation on how music evokes certain emotions

When music is combined with other forms of art like drama , it can evoke complex emotions

Paper Topic: the psychology of music The Psychology of Music Music is part of everyone ‘s life

Basic emotions are innate and have their own distinctive signals in the brain and in universal non-verbal expressions

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