the significance of repetition in the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude

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From chapter 1 to five of the book that covers this section , it moves and introduces military struggles by presenting various civil wars and revolutions from chapter 6 to 9 and then it presents prosperity in economics but a spiritual downfall from chapters 10 to 15 and on the remaining chapters 16 to 20 the decadence and physical destruction was presented Its narrative provided to the readers by Marquez follows this linear sense of time so that we may be able to know where are we in the story Thanks to nature ‘s various invasion that occurs because we were able to notice the difference between the time frames

The most important effects of the novel lies within the linear and circular sense of time First is the strong sense of linear development in Macondo ‘s town

The reaction of Jose Arcadio to the gypsies , the reaction of the citizens to the phones and movies appears to be eccentric and unpredictable and such powerlessness of people take charge in Macondo ‘s world from the invasions arriving form outside The linear sense of time underscores in the development of the Buendia Family , they form a series of figures which symbolizes particular period of history were they belong

Paper Topic: the significance of repetition in the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude _The significance of repetition in the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude History is repetitive

The town ‘s linear history is divided into four sections It is like an early eden where Utopian innocence and social harmony abides and its inhabitants are innocent and they haven ‘t experienced death and even don ‘t know how to name things in the world was so recent that many things lacked names , and in to indicate them it was necessary to point (Marquez , 1970

The family member ‘s name and the cycles of disaster supports this claim on the past , present and future time frame within the novel

The invasions that repetitively encountered in the novel is something that cannot be controlled within the town since it comes without warnings and the characters doesn ‘t know how to react with such interventions along their way

The transition of from its founding through its evolution as a flourishing modern town up to the point of its decline , eventual and irrevocable annihilation

Succeeded by Aureliano Segundo who is a bourgeois farmer-entrepreneur and his twin Jose Arcadio Segundo who works for the American Capitalists and who was a radical labor organizer , a strong linear force from generation to generations seen from the driving events in Macondo which was imposed

This is the notion that Gabriel Garcia Marquez wants to imply in his novel One Hundred Years of Solitude

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