The Slave Community

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It was pointed out , however , that by studying the slaves back then in the perspective of the slave owners takes away the true context of the slave : he is also a person who has his own culture and thoughts To expound on this , the author stated that the culture of these slaves were not completely overtaken by the culture of being a slave , and the slave owner

This also supports the fact that looking at American Slavery through the eyes of slave owners , then one would not be able to completely acquire the reasons behind the success of the black Americans In the novel , it was expressed that there were many attempts to have the African culture eradicated , and have these slaves Americanized Missionaries tried to convert these ‘negros ‘ into the Christian faith the government and the slave owners prohibited them to practice their rituals such as singing and dancing

Paper Topic: The Slave Community The Slave Community Book Review Blassingame ‘s novel regards the nature of slavery in the United States by considering the perspectives of slave owners , more importantly , of the slaves

Moreover , the author also added that by holding onto their original culture , these enslaved men gained meaning to their lives Being continuously controlled and watched over by the ‘whites , the slaves were manipulated to change , to lean forward to a how these slave owners thought

It may be hypothesized , instead , that the slave owners demean the culture of their slaves so that their culture remained the dominant and superior culture , especially since the location was their homeland An example from the novel would be that in there were times when there were black enslaved ministers

Despite these constraints , the slaves were able to retain this aspect of their culture The author also pointed out that there was a cross-cultural exchange between the slaves and the owners

But one ‘s culture will never be replaced , altered but not completely changed According to his book , the slaves would not have survived the predicament if they did not hold onto their culture

Taken the other way if the slaves were completely taken over by slave owners , they would have continued to be slaves to this day

There are strong chances that the ‘whites ‘ are not completely opposed to this culture because an exchanged occurred

At some point after , he would be singing the same song

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