The stable international trade relations between nations and the relatively unstable relations of migration and the environment between nations

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Paper Topic: The stable international trade relations between nations and the relatively unstable relations of migration and the environment between nations International Relations : Success and Failures The Case of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI ) and the Environment International relations exists with the premise that all countries which is made up of sovereign states exists in a global community where interrelation and interdependence of nations is the rule and the norm Within this framework , a unified approach to managing countries is necessitated in to direct and redirect efforts towards a common goal for all countries- that is development

This argues that while IR had been successful in encouraging and enforcing FDI in countries , it has largely failed to do so in the world quest for a better environmental compliance of countries International Relations ‘ Success on FDI Economics has been one of the primary goals if not the main priority of international relations- organizations such as the World Bank (WB International Monetary Fund (IMF ) and the World Trade Organization (WTO had been launched in to further the development of countries both developed and developing alike

In developing countries such as Brazil , its FDI had increased its FDI 23 times while China had their FDI increased 13 times (World Development Indicators 1-3 The tremendous changes propelled by IR in the FDI of countries showed the level of success of IR in integrating FDI as an important economic tool in countries whether developed or developing

Consequently , one of the areas that can arguably be considered where IR had attained stable and more peaceful area is that of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI Foreign Direct Investment had shown significant growth in years in all countries around the world both developed and developing countries alike

Nevertheless , while IR has failed in some areas , it has also flourished in other areas of development This seeks to evaluate the impact of International Relations on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI ) and environmental protection as case studies in the ability of IR to institute reform in countries

However , despite the concerted efforts of countries and international organizations such as the United Nations and IMF-World Bank , success in all areas of IR had been difficult and a struggle

Consequently , international laws governing institutions and countries have in several areas failed due mainly to informal powers and subjective sanctions that are imposed by developed countries

For instance , developed countries such as Japan had increased their FDI at least 4 times from the period of 1990-2003 while the US had increased theirs threefold (World Development Indicators , 1-3

In the realm of international trade and monetary relations , the integration of countries had been improved and integrated into the international system

However , due to the lack of structural infrastructure of some legal and political systems in enforcing legal laws , conflicts and instability tarnish the success of trade particularly in developing countries

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