The Theory of Man vs Nature ( higher power)

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As a finale it is being put into a life series which serves as a guide to human hand to write about it Human just like Earth is created by God according to His character Adam , who was the first man , is created from ashes that were molded to make as he is

Or , maybe , people are made to love and to be loved , to overtake a chain of life from one generation to the other , nurture and preserve life in all its diversity , heal the sufferings took into being by other people , understand the deep relationship of all aspects of life on this planet

We , human beings are part of nature that God created and dominated In the world of Science , it is so fascinating that oxygen appeared on Earth only about 500 million years ago , but life in a form of bacteria has been traced to 3

In contrast to this theory , scientists formulated different theories about the origin of the heavenly bodies that give focus on the Earth as the only living planet Some scientists have conceived the meanderings of a single carbon atom released in the unstable death throes of a star , traveling for an era across intergalactic space that land in a gas disk that eventually formed Earth which changed chemically

In this essay I would like to discuss some aspects of the nature and human nature in their unity and interconnection from the personal responsibility

Paper Topic: The Theory of Man vs Nature ( higher power) Nature Versus Human The beauty of nature is spectacularly magnificent which represents the greatness of our Creator

Biblically , the existence of nature was explained through the book of Genesis which stated that God created the heaven and Earth including all life forms for six days

What about humans who are known as smart animals and their archaic idea about nature and human nature

The human understanding of the human race and its main mission on the planet Earth is even more limited

Are they able to take control over both of them Although it is entirely unbelievable that people are made from the ashes of cosmological death just to kill each other in the intergalactic space

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