The U.S. and its economy would not be what it is today without the railroad system

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and its economy would not be what it is today without the railroad system Table of Contents Introduction Page 2 Economic importance of the railway Page Background 2 Role of Commuter trains 3 High-speed rail systems 4 Freight Railway Systems 6 Conclusion Page 8 References Page 9 Introduction Railroad systems have come a long way from the horse-powered trams running on wooden rails called Wagon ways , to the modern rails running on air cushions created by an electromagnetic reaction between the rail and the train

Railroads have always played an important role in America ‘s economic , political and social history and continue to do so today Economic importance of the railway Background The first use of the railway system was that of transporting minerals specifically coal

The railroad developed a great deal during this time thereby increasing its economic contribution and potential From 1917 , the railway systems unions became stronger and the government took control of the railways systems because of the war

The transcontinental railroad was developed , the cast iron previously used was replaced with stronger steel and the width of the tracks was finally standardized , greatly enhancing the utility of the railroad system

This increased regulation along with fast-paced growth in area ‘s of transport including the automobile , and later on air transport meant that the railway system went into a period pf decline

This transalated into greater investment in railways

Although initially horse-drawn wagons were used after technological development the locomotives using steam powered engines were used

However the last 25 years in America ‘s economic history have indicated that the railway system is destined to play a greater role in America

This railroad system was far better then the turnpike or the canal system , it could be used in all types of weather and its coverage was far greater

The Civil War despite the fact that it sectionalized the North and South led to greater investment in the railroads for quicker transportation of troops and supplies

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