The United Nations and its Affiliated Agencies

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It also reaffirmed the condemnation of the afore mentioned attacks on New York ‘s Twin Towers The Pentagon in Washington and the attempted attack on The White House The act also sought to raise efforts to prevent such attacks from happening again The Security Council resolution reaffirmed that acts of terrorism constitute a threat to international peace and security

There must be a concerted effort to combat all threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts The attacks left the United Nations Deeply Concerned by the increase , in various regions of the world , of acts of terrorism motivated by intolerance or extremism

The unanimous adoption of Resolution 1373 which obliges all States to criminalize assistance for terrorist activities , deny financial support and safe haven to terrorist and share information about cells planning terrorist attacks , Necessitated the formation of the Counter Terrorism Committee to monitor the compliance of nations

Or it interventions in other parts of Africa Invoking Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter , the UN calls all nation-states to prevent and suppress the financing of terrorist acts Criminalize the willful provision or collection by any means , directly or indirectly of funds by their nationals or in their territories with the intention that the funds should be used , or in the knowledge that they are to be used , in to carry out terrorist acts

The Security Council Resolution gives out other instruction for nation-states all aimed at preventing and suppressing the ability of Terrorist Groups from supporting Terror cells and operating To Implement this the Counter-Terrorism Committee was formed

There is an inherent right of every state to prevent such acts of international Terrorism as they are threats to world peace and security

For example , Osama Bin Laden ‘s Al-Queda is infamous for justifying its terror attacks against the United States by citing its intervention in the affairs of Israel vis a vis the Arab States

To Freeze without delay , funds and other financial assets or economic resources of persons who commit , or attempt to commit terrorist acts or participate in or facilitate the commission o f Terrorist acts

Paper Topic: The United Nations and its Affiliated Agencies The United Nations and its Affiliated Agencies Political Science 642 Fall Semester 2007 Professor James S

Sutterlin FINAL EXAM 2 The main UN response to the rise of Terrorism was UN Security Council Resolution 1373 which was passed September 28 ,2001 almost immediately after the September 11 attacks on the two towers

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