The UNs involvement in Human Rights, specifically Africa :What does the United Nations do for Human Rights issues in Africa?

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I will draw attention to the main achievement of the United Nations as well as to its main failures in providing the basis for the establishment of the human rights in African countries Development of Human Rights in Africa Human rights in sub-Saharan Africa continued to be assaulted during 1995 , despite improvements in some human rights conditions and new prospects for ending bloody civil wars

With the dismantling of apartheid and the extraordinary changes in South Africa , in contrast , tangible progress was made toward the development of a human rights culture (Andreasse , 1993 Although the situation with human rights differs from country to country , it is obvious that one of the main problems there is impunity There were a lot of cases when the abuses were unpunished and the governments were changed not by means of elections but revolutions and armed conflicts Human rights culture in Africa is really endangered due to the existence of the numerous autocratic governments and continuous revolutions and armed conflicts

African countries are characterized by a high level of internal conflicts , like in case of such collapsed states as Somalia and Liberia , or as in case of Sudan and Angola , where civil wars took place Irrespective of the character of the conflict there was one common feature in them – they happened with impunity , which means that in these countries the notion of the human rights did not exist at all or was completely neglected (Clapham , 2007 On the other hand the weak protection of the human rights can also be explained by the weakness of the social and state institutions in general

Although there was a considerable progress in the human rights development in African countries over the last ten years , still the situation here is grave and requires immediate actions The main body , which is responsible for the establishment and support of the human rights in Africa as well as all over the world , is United Nations

Paper Topic: The UNs involvement in Human Rights, specifically Africa :What does the United Nations do for Human Rights issues in Africa

Human Rights in Africa Introduction In this I will discuss the activity of the United Nations in Africa

African countries are characterized by the economic instability and low level of the human rights culture

In this I will focus in more detail on activity of the United Nations in the African region in general and in separate conflicts in particular

The attention of international community is constantly drawn to the issues of the violence , wars , infringement of the women ‘s rights , child abuse genocide and violence of the autocratic and Africa

For example in such states like Nigeria , Kenya , and Zaire this situation helped the political leaders to concentrate all power in their hands and thus establish their personal rule , which in fact contributed to the weakening of the human rights in the countries

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