Themes in two stories ArabyandEveline

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She takes solace from these memoir Although her lover wants them to break away from her family so that she can escape the bitterness of life , at the end she refuses to leave Then , she becomes disappointed with her decision In the story , she is offered with a means to escape and be fulfilled in her life , but since it is not her nature to explore , she is left with nothing and back to her old unhappy life In addition to theme of disappointment from falling in love , the stories imply such themes as the contrast between imagination and reality , and escape ( Maglaner and Kain 78 First , the contrast between imagination and reality

The never-ending search for new concepts and style is reflected in his work- Dubliners- a volume of naturalistic yet symbolic stories of which Araby and Eveline are taken from Araby and Eveline deal with the experiences of youth of being in love and being disappointed with it Let us start with Araby

Paper Topic: Themes in two stories ArabyandEveline Your first name and surname Your instructor ‘s name Course title Due date Araby and Eveline : Youth in Distress James Joyce is one of the 20th century

The unnamed central character has gone to journey of his idealism not knowing he would just end up where he begin , which is reality On the other hand , Eveline shares the same disappointment

In Eveline , although she is already exposed with reality , she sticks to the idea of it

In the beginning of the story , the boy is innocent about life and love

Moreover , this realization crushed him Araby is a picture of reality

From his ideals of a perfect romance comes the reality of bitterness that shatters him

It is not an ideal place to be

It presented to the young boy the true meaning of life and adulthood

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