theory of gender entrapment

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Paper Topic: theory of gender entrapment Theory of gender entrapment The theory of gender entrapment The theory of gender entrapment refers to the life stories of battered African American women in New York City Jail

Ritchie explained that early sexual abused , racial and class oppression , poverty , and structural dislocation from the family and school increased the likelihood of the criminalization of these females ‘ resistance strategies Ritchie ‘s Feminist model and Gendered Model of Female Offending Ritchie ‘s feminist model emphasized on the role of the family particularly the father figures , which according to Ritchie are more peer like than parental quality (p

Their study reveals , forty percent of women from three New York City neighborhoods were severely beaten by family members while growing up , and thirty-six percent were sexually victimized as children Other theories suggest that women ‘s crimes were related to selling and using drugs

The society ‘s discrimination of color denied black women equal economic opportunity as well as their rights to create an ideal family of their own instead , it systematically wrecked their hopes to achieve their dreams of brighter future and to have an ideal family of their own Baskin and Sommers (1993 ) theory traced women ‘s crime on early victimization

Ritchie also pointed out racial and ethnic identity as a way to establish a frame of reference about community norms , family values , and their experiences in the social world (p

Ritchie pointed out Their sense of being competent and desirable was first threatened by their limited social success as African young women in the public sphere , and they

Orenstein (1995 , Sadker and Sadker (1995 , and Taylor Gilligan , and Sullivan pointed out that many women who sold or began using drugs became involved as the result of a relationship with a drug-using man (p

Ritchie noted that these women ‘s behaviors were shaped by an awareness of the current and historical position of their particular racial or ethnic group within the legal social structure

The theory emphasized that society ‘s insensibility and indifference provided these women with no socially acceptable way to change their position , thus making their incarceration almost inevitable

She further noted that the physical injuries and disfigurement resulting from the abuse such as facial scars , loss of fingers , blindness , baldness , and burn marks were particularly significant for these women as they served as constant reminders of their suffering , and it created public humiliation (p

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