Title IX

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It also covers affiliated programs and activities that receive federal funds like internships , correctional facilities , health care entities , unions and businesses To be compliant to the law , you need to observe at least one of these things demonstrate proportionate athletic opportunities for both sexes have a history and continuing practice of expanding opportunities for under-represented sex , or full and effective accommodation of interests and abilities for the underrepresented sex Another facet of the law requires that the must be substantially proportionate to the number of male and female athletes

This means that in any educational institution , males and females are expected to receive fair and equal treatment in all spheres of public schooling , recruitment , admissions and educational programs and activities

It states that No person in the United States shall , on the basis of sex , be excluded from participation in , be denied the benefits of , or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance ‘ HYPERLINK “http /www

Paper Topic: Title IX Running Head : Title IX Name Course University Tutor Date Introduction Title IX , the first comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination in educational institutions on the basis of gender was passed in 1972

html Further on , other programs should be taken into consideration including equipment and supplies , scheduling of games and practice time , travel and per diem allowances , opportunity to receive academic tutoring and in addition receiving coaching , assignment and compensation

This necessitated the drafting and passing of the Title IX to stem these tendencies Application It was a law designed to protect students and employees of educational institutions against discrimination based on their sex

Under this law education institutions are required to observe policies , practices and programs that do not discriminate

This is not all Title IX requires that the institution provide quality locker room practice and competitive facilities , medical and training facilities housing and dining facilities , publicity , support services and equal opportunities for recruitment of student athletes

Furthermore , other areas like marital and parental status scholarships , sexual harassment and athletics should be equally considered for both sexes

htm Before its enactment , American colleges and universities were accused of discriminating against female students

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