Transgender, Culture, and Gender Identity Dis

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John Money on the other hand , believes that the terms ‘male ‘ and ‘female ‘ which refer to an individual ‘s genetic make up , is in fact , different from that of ‘man ‘ and ‘woman which on the other hand , refers to the role , characteristics and function expected from an individual born into a particular genetic make up Money argued his well-known theory that gender is dependent on many variables rather than on one overriding marker , such as , for instance the chromosomes , and that postnatal variables are as important as those prenatal factors that enact the chain of events of a person ‘s sexual differentiation (Ehrhardt , 2007 The psychiatrist brought light and familiarity to concepts of gender identity and gender role , pronouncing that such concepts are free from if not independent of the biological determinism of sex

The prospect by which one person identifies as either man or woman does not rely solely or heavily on that particular person ‘s biological and genetic make-up but is influenced and determined by numerous factors or variables occuring after birth Unfortunately , society largely dictates the aforementioned functions and roles of each sex and is mostly responsible for the type of traits and characteristics assigned to both gender ‘Masculinity ‘ and qualities of strength , aggressiveness , practicality and dominance are expected of men , while women are presumed delicate , prepossessing submissive , sentimental and generally ‘feminine ‘ Men , the supposed superior gender , are to dominate over women , and are obligated to provide for their family ‘s financial needs

People who deviate or do not fit into the respective molds which society creates for them are deemed aberrant , subversive , or to put it in the context of gender identification : queer The concept of what a male and female is and should be has made itself generally clear and known to us since the beginning of time

Paper Topic: Transgender, Culture, and Gender Identity Dis 16 December 2007 Sexual Identity and the Biology of Gender Society has always been limiting of people ‘s individuality

These distinctions , however brief and blunt constitutes our general knowledge of what male and female are , and correspondingly sets the base principles and ideologies of how we define and regard the limited instance of both gender Psychiatrist and sexologist Dr

Individuals who possess XY chromosomes , have higher testosterone levels and are designated their corresponding reproductive organ , namely , the penis , are referred to as male while individuals with XX chromosomes who possess higher estrogen levels and a reproductive organ otherwise known as a vagina are considered female

Magazines newss , television and virtually the whole of mass media has always made it a point to label and pigeonhole individuals into corresponding generalizations and stereotypes

Not surprisingly , these labels and categorizations do not apply to the entirety of a population , or able to encompass every aspect and characteristic of one individual

From science to religion , our education of what consitutes male and female are drawn distinctly in black and white

Women , in turn , are supposed to

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