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Discussion Question Running Head : TRANSPORTATION PRINCIPLES AND DISCUSSIONS Transportation Principles and Discussions [Author] [Instructor] [University] [Subject] Transportation Principles and Discussions I believe that in the near future , the Boeing Company will lead the air cargo industry

Another is that they (air cargo companies (2 ) maximize the number of air cargo units for better supply for the demand of the customers (3 ) They also choose materials and units that are low cost but could be expected to maximize their profits and earnings for the company (4 ) Another is that companies also has interconnections with other companies for networking and for better organization and easier management of problems regarding the business (5 ) Moreover , air cargo companies also provide supplies and items and articles that can make their service even better

That is why , air cargo companies like the Boeing Company sees to it that they can compete with the other types of transportations and as well as with the other companies

Aside form that , the new Boeing Freighter also presents an advanced service to the customers of the Boeing Company

Last December 16 , 2005 , the Boeing Company has just introduced a new type of cargo plane – the first Boeing 747-400 Freighter

Moreover , it enhances the profits of the company by lessening the operating costs of the company As the fastest and considered the most efficient method of transportation , air cargo industry is expected to grow for the next years to come

They also offer different documents and related information regarding the assurance of a safe and better travel experience of their customers Reference Boeing Company (2005 , December 16

One method is that air cargo companies tries to (1 ) innovate their products and services to be more appealing to the customers

Just like what Boeing Company has done , it has introduced its newsy innovation

Boeing Delivers First 747-400F to Air China Cargo

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