`Tthe Story ofan Hour` by Kate Chopin

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Paper Topic: `Tthe Story ofan Hour` by Kate Chopin The Story of An Hour The Story of An Hour takes into account one hour in the life of a young woman

She was of the view that psychological and intellectual emancipation is the primary requisite that would bring forward the social and physical freedom In The Story of an Hour ‘ Kate Chopin manifests these themes by means of imagery and characterization

Both news produced different reactions and Chopin has captured these reactions skilfully Chopin takes in hand the themes of female emancipation , feminine identity , individualism and personal autonomy in “The Story of an Hour So all thematic expressions illustrate a feminist approach but her feminist approach is quite different

The Story of An Hour , Chopin begins with portraying the socio-psychological afflictions of her protagonist Louise

Millard is portrayed as feeble and fragile lady at the start of the story to depict the typical women conception

To remove or minimize the stereotypical effect , Chopin instigates an elementary change in her disposition as society fixes firmly to its typecasts disinclined to admit change easily There are only three characters in the story

Louise Mallard , reaction to the news of her husband ‘s sudden and sad demise and then to a subsequent news his being alive by her sister

Her relief at the news further manifest the fulfilment of her longing for emancipation both physical and psychological

a woman being capable of dealing with such ruthless realities of life , due to their pre-conceived notions

Mallard ‘s sister who brings the news of Mrs

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