U.S. Hospital Cost Inefficiency

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Automatically capital affects efficiency to a large extent Inefficiency on the other hand affects a variety of variables for instance in a hospital setting variables involved include Ownership payer mix , Network affiliation , bond insurance and ratings , HMO penetration among others In US , currently higher bond ratings go hand in hand with lower cost inefficiency

Hospital Cost Inefficiency Running Head : Hospital cost inefficiency Name University Course Tutor Date Current position of U

In return however the efficiency of cost in America against inefficiency is being largely imbalanced As we speak , the average cost per year of insurance plan offered by employers hit 11 ,765 by an average employee giving 3 ,226 of this money

Hospitals that have issued any bonds in the US today will automatically be faced by lower cost efficiency (Patrick Michael According to the poll , the growing cost of health care is creating unease in the general public ‘s eyes and the entire economy

In a research carried out , only 44 of the current populations agreed that the current system was good as far health care in the US was concerned

S hospitals US hospitals currently are relying more on debts for purpose of capital investment

An approximated 80 of respondent confirmed their dissatisfaction with the governments spending on health care Every year Americans pay more but end up receiving less

A contrast is witnessed by average premiums rising to 87 from year 2000 while earnings for workers rose by only 20 However the impact of cost inefficiency in the US today is felt with different magnitude by the US citizens

To explain more on this and expound on the current trend of health care , the graph below explains (Julie Applyby 200 Source : USA TODAY /ABC News /Kaiser Family Foundation poll of 1 ,201 adults Sept

Margin of error /- 3 percentage points for insured /- 9 percentage points for uninsured Examples of cost inefficiency with statistical content The largest expenditure in the US hospitals is on personnel

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