University of California Davis

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To satisfy my hunger to learn about the intricacies of economics , I have decided to take a Bachelors degree in Economics in the University of California Davis As I go through the Economics major program offered in UC-Davis , I was impressed with the roster of faculty members and lecturers and their contributions to the university and to our society

for one quarter and to have exposures in banks , brokerages and other business enterprises The excellent academic and internship program and the flexibility of the major offered at the University of California-Davis will prepare me for a career in management and a position either in some government agencies or private sectors

I have often been curious about the nature of competition , role of prices functions of the market , effects of government regulations and programs on the business sectors as well as the effects of international trading on the flow of our currency

However , such assumption is insufficient to fully understand the flow of business and its effect on the economy I need to study some economic models to understand why things happen the way they do

After obtaining a Bachelors degree in Economics , I intend to further my studies by taking a graduate study in business administration

I would like to specialize in international economics and study the effect of the flow of capital on the exchange rates across international bs

Paper Topic: University of California Davis For many years , I have been wondering how the government allocate and distribute its human , land and other resources to run the country

It also develops student ‘s analytical abilities in preparation for their career in business government , investment and other government agencies

It is rare to have a chance to work with government organizations in Washington , D

I have often thought that since people make daily choices with regards to the use of their resources to satisfy their wants , needs and desires then the business climate is highly influenced by human behavior

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