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One of the epochal events during his presidential tenure was the acquisition of Louisiana from the French , which effectively doubled the land area of the US (Jefferson , Thomas , 2004 The Democratic Party , which subscribes to a more liberal view , had its origin in the political party formed by Jefferson

Paper Topic: us history History of the Unites States of America The United States of America has always been the home of people who have emigrated from other lands

His objective as the leader of the Republican Party was to engender a national government that directly represented the people and not the states , because such a government would reduce the strife between the states of the union

While working as the First Secretary of State under President George Washington , he developed a difference of opinion with the Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton , which resulted in the formation of political parties in the US

Government Political Parties , 2006 The fourth US President was James Madison , the political theorist nonpareil

The cardinal cause for this has been attributed to the prevalent system of participative democracy as had been engendered by the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution (Nash , 2007 A number of unresolved disputes existed after the revolutionary war which related to economic , political and ideological disputes between the various constituents of this fledgling nation

The widespread exodus of humans from the central Asiatic regions brought about the occupation of the Americas by people who are now termed as Native Americans

He made vast contributions to the American Revolution and the nation during its early days

S RELATIONS , 1991 Thomas Jefferson , the third US President , wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and he designed and implemented the freedom of religion statute in Virginia , while he was its governor

In the 1850 ‘s the Republican Party , which had a more conservative approach , was formed by Abraham Lincoln and other likeminded persons

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