Use of American Sign Language with babies under 24 months of age

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The idea that this study further wants to imply is the fact that even though hand signing is important to the deaf individuals , its effectiveness in communicating with young infants had already been proven as well The Art of Hand Signing Just as infants of hearing parents start to babble at an age of about seven months , children who grow up in a deaf household babble silently with their hands in imitation of their parents ‘ main form of communication ‘ even if these children can hear , says The Times of London

And , say Swedish researchers Winberg and de Chwteau : While close [mother-infant] contact during this period may directly influence the baby ‘s development , it may be of even greater importance to the mother , strengthening her bond to the newborn This contact seems to influence her attitudes and sensitivity to the infant ‘s needs Latest findings about a child ‘s capacity to learn language are amazing researchers

Paper Topic: Use of American Sign Language with babies under 24 months of age Use of American Sign Language In Teaching Infants under 24-Months of Age Introduction The arrival of a young couple ‘s first child presents a real challenge to them

It [is] babbling but with their hands ‘ The babies who were exposed to sign language produced two types of hand movements while those whose parents used audible speech produced only one type The research team used a

`Even more incredible ‘ he writes , is the young brain ‘s ability to scan the environment and to pick out of the hubbub a pattern in language Researchers recently found out that the application of Sign Language in the process of teaching children has been proven effective and much applicable for the sake of neurological advancement in terms of learning early communication among young infants

Research led by Professor Laura Petitto at McGill University Montreal , Canada , suggests that babies are born with a sensitivity to the rhythms and patterns that are characteristic of all languages including sign language

She says that babies who can hear but who have signing deaf parents make a special kind of movement with their hands with a specific rhythmic pattern , that is distinct from other hand movements

He notes that even brain anatomy ‘ suggests that an infant is born with a pre-programmed biological capacity to speak ‘ and marvels at the profuse , direct `wiring ‘ patterns which enable children to connect ‘ sight and feel with the sound patterns of words

Researchers say that infants have a strong need to communicate

But a parent ‘s eyes touch , and bodily contact do much to open the lines of communication This is one reason why many hospitals no longer separate mothers from their newborn infants

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