Use some insight or insights on Hamlet from shakespeare

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We can also say that in Hamlet Shakespeare presents a murderer and revenger who is both ruthless and reluctant and his death is the ultimate result of his being charged by the Ghost to carry out instructions which were offensive to his moral principles Like other tragic heroes of Shakespeare he is also endowed with exceptional qualities like royal birth , graceful and charming personality among his own countrymen

Paper Topic: Use some insight or insights on Hamlet from shakespeare Characterization of Hamlet , Gertrude and Ophelia Hamlet is a character of extraordinary complexity and depth

Act III , Scene I] In spite of possessing all these high qualities which rank him above the other characters the flaw in his character leads to his downfall and makes him a tragic hero

The internal conflict is between his moral scruples and the act of revenge which he is called upon to perform

In Hamlet Shakespeare presents a revenger who is both ruthless and reluctant

He is a man of morals and his moral idealism receives a shock when his mother remarries Claudius after his father ‘s death

What is required of Hamlet is prompt action , whereas he broods over the moral idealism which leads to his delay in action

The result is that , torn within himself , he suffers mental torture Hamlets wants to take revenge against Claudius , the murderer of his father , the usurper of his rights to the throne and the seducer of his mother

Like other tragic heroes Hamlet too has to face conflict , both internal and external

A different Hamlet might have killed his uncle Claudius on the strength of the Ghost ‘s accusation ascended the throne , married Ophelia and lived happily ever after

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