victorian era supernatural literature

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Paper Topic: victorian era supernatural literature [author] [instructor] [subject] [date] The Difference between the Ghost Stories of Dickens and Gaskell The belief of the supernatural or those things beyond the capacity of human explanation is not widely accepted ideology nowadays however , the supernatural belief had really existed in the past and is evident in the numerous literary works of celebrated authors

Almost all horror stories are fabricated in this manner and probably the reason is that the author wants an active participation of the reader by delving into the intimate thoughts of the central character in the Dicken ‘s ghost story , central figure was a male juror in a murder crime , while in Gaskell ‘s story , central figure , was female nurse-maid

That is , there are times when these beliefs are explicit and the so-called beliefs are rather bizarre ‘ or extreme ‘ and in this manner , I would seek to explain the supernatural attitude of a specific era , in this case , the Victorian Era , and try to explain their beliefs on the context of the literary works of Charles Dickens (To Be Taken With A Grain of Salt ) and Elizabeth Gaskell (The Old Nurse Story

Dickens ‘ may have liked to paint the males in his story as good persons whilst Gaskell presents suspicious characters in every other characters except the maid Rosamund and the helpers

Females naturally dominate Gaskel ‘s story while Dicken ‘s story redounds with males

In Dicken ‘s story , the servants were simply a fleeting thing /character but in Gaskell ‘s , much participation of the help was observed

Remember that Gaskell ‘s story was related by a nurse-maid Charles Dickens ‘ choose to ignore their presence

Notice that both authors are very sexist in picking out their central characters and even their subordinate and their supporting characters as well

There is also certain logic in that the supernatural belief is very strong during the past times and had continually wane to a cynical , disbelieving attitude that the people now adopt towards the supernatural

This does not end here though as I aim to differentiate the sexist ‘ literary treatment of the two celebrated authors and of course , tore apart the literary works by its parts Most noticeable between the two is the first-person-point of-view adopted by Dickens and Gaskell

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