Violent Crime

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The major cause of violent crime is failed families This problems needs to fixed because it results to negative effects in families , community and the State , more negative emotional impact are realized on the offenders and the victims As a step to end the violent crime , all the government programs needs to be reviewed and a focus on the religious and family issues to cease the breaking of families WHY SOCIETY NEEDS TO FIX THIS PROBLEM Violent crimes need to be reduced in the United States because of its impacts in the society

Rape is violent crime victims are mostly females whereas the males are the primary targets victims of violent crimes of all sort In the United States , the violent acts of crime are categorized into four main categories these include aggravated assault , forcible rape robbery and non-negligent manslaughter and murder The major causes of violent crimes in the United States are poverty unemployment , crime and race , the social environment , family issues and juvenile delinquency and leaking legal system

Paper Topic: Violent Crime VIOLENT CRIME IN THE UNITED STATES INTRODUCTION Violent crimes or crimes of violence are the crimes where by the offenders uses and threatens through the use of violent forces to the victims

There is a general reduction in the labor supply and reduced number of marriageable black males ‘ dues to their involvement in the violent crime besides many of them dieing as a result of homicide TRUE CAUSES OF THE PROBLEM In the United States of America the congress consisting of the lawmakers have a thought that violent crimes are as a result of material conditions which associate violent crime with the poverty , low education background , lack of employment chances and inadequately and disorganized social programmes

The victims of the violent crimes are those mainly at the age of 25 , this will mean that incase these victims are killed , many American productive lives will be lost and will lead to economic loss to the country

This mainly includes either cases where by the violent acts may be the objective or cases where the violent acts may be the means to the end e

There may the use or no use of weapons during the execution of violent crimes

A violent crime may occur within duration of few seconds but the victims remains traumatized for the whole of his life time

The government also uses a lot of resources in fighting violent crimes which could have otherwise been used in the development programs

There is a reduction of the society welfare in the races associated with the violent crimes especially the African Americans

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