Vision and mission statements

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It exists alongside strategy and culture as the organization ‘s means of achieving its vision (O ‘Brien Meadows , 2000 Thus , visioning necessarily comes first before mission and strategy under which project planning belongs , since vision determines strategies , plans and budgets ‘ Clearly , vision is a product of several components , such as strategy , which helps the organization achieve a sense of direction and receive assistance in reaching its goal (O ‘Brien Meadows , 2000 References O ‘Brien , F Meadows , M (2000

Having a clear vision and mission within the organization is vital to the organization ‘s success , as proven by solid empirical research (O ‘Brien Meadows 2000 Vision and mission are two different concepts , but they are interconnected , specifically since both are methods that support the strategic development of an organization (O ‘Brien Meadows , 2000 Vision refers to an image of a desired future state of an organization ‘ which has four attributes , namely , uniqueness , imagery future orientation , and ideality (O ‘Brien Meadows , 2000

Paper Topic: Vision and mission statements Running head : Vision and Mission Statements Vision and Mission Statements Client ‘s Name University Affiliation Vision and Mission Statements Before a project plan is formulated by an organization , it is very important to first have a clear vision and strategy , which would reduce uncertainty in the direction of the organization

Thus , from this definition alone , it is apparent that visioning is an important step to be undertaken prior to formulating the project plan , because the vision or the image of the future state must first exist before the plan on reaching that goal is formulated On the other hand , mission is believed to be a mere component of the entire organizational vision

The Value of Mission Statements in Public Agencies

Mission refers to the organization ‘s purpose

Corporate Visioning : A Survey of UK Practice

Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory J-PART 9 (2 , 193-223 PAGE PAGE 1 Vision

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