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Voice-related services like caller-ID call diversion , and broadcast messaging are easier to manage and can be regularly updated by users or employees in the company After knowing the benefits of implementing VoIP system in a company let ‘s now look on the potential risks of this technology

In simple terms , it allows a person to make phone calls using the internet or a local area network , which gives a very effective and low cost solution to make phone calls

And also , making an international calls using VoIP technology is cheaper than using the traditional telephone system

VoIP is also wireless compatible Wireless mobile devices like smartphones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs ) can use the VoIP system through the company ‘s wireless Local Area Network (LAN

It can even deliver telephone services to remote areas as long as there is a wireless internet connection in those areas So what are the possible benefits for an organization investing in using this technology

So as the price of high speed or broadband internet connection drops down , it ‘s very worth using this IT technology for telecommunications So what is this Voice over Internet Protocol

This technology can also benefit workers since IT network can be used to combine voice and data , giving productivity to the staff and improved customer service

Finally , you can explore other options by using VoIP system in your company like probably bypassing the public telephone system when making external calls

A good way to reduce the phone bill is by using your high speed internet connection and IT network for phone calls

Any person in the company could even make free calls within the company network

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