westward expansion

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England agreed to surrender its land west of Mississippi to the New American nation through the Treaty of Paris in 1783 (Westward Expansion , 2007 Going to the West meant moving past the Appalachian Mountains where most Native Americans were located these include the Cherokees Chickasaws and the Choctaws

To protect the British territory in America , the Proclamation of 1763 was issued to protect the lands of the American colonies in these areas (Westward Expansion 2007 However , when the American War for Independence took place , the name for these lands where changed

Throughout the succeeding centuries by means of procurements and treaties , the United States would expand from the Atlantic region to the pacific region (Westward Expansion 2007 They use the mountains and rivers as a demarcation for American territories

The early settlers were not yet interested in the acquisition of California and the Rocky Mountains in that period (Westward Expansion , 2007 Some American territories were still under France , Russia , Spain and Britain when Thomas Jefferson became the third president of the new American nation

They saw that there is a great promise in these regions (Westward Expansion , 2007 In 1817-1825 , the political climate in the American nation is termed as an Era of Good Feelings under James Monroe

Thus the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 came into being (Westward Expansion 2007 Thomas Jefferson asked Merriweather Lewis and Lewis Clark who were both in the army to look at the possibility of expanding the American nation from Mississippi to the Rocky Mountains

The trade and commerce of the new American nation was also affected through its route going to Canada and Mexico (Westward Expansion , 2007 It was a tumultuous time for Napoleon in that period where he wanted to gain more control of the French colonies in America

Paper Topic: westward expansion Name Instructor ‘s Name Class Date The Westward Expansion The first British colonialists first arrived in Virginia in the 17th century

James Monroe also sponsored the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 which stated that America should be free from European rule and meddling with the affairs of the states (MacroHistory 2003 In 1828 , Andrew Jackson was elected as president of the United States Jackson was the founding-father of democracy

The British expansion in the 1800s through the Appalachians was opposed by the Native American Indians

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