What can a major UK retail electronic goods chain do to enhance customers’ perceptions of service quality? Base your argument on theoretical and empirical findings discussed during the module and suggest practical solutions for a HR manager.

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in retailing those actors especially include manufacturers , suppliers , wholesalers , the retailer and the consumer , who all actively participate in the co- producing value and this includes the consumers as a group that can actively co- produce value , in particular customer value and also provide a bridge between the value for the consumer and the value of the customer for the organization

Traditionally these activities have been aggregated within rather linear process flows of the traditional value chains and value systems and the competitive advantage is increasingly created by firms that look outside their dyadic relationships and recognize the environment they are operating in as a setting of various stakeholder relationships that need to be managed effectively (Alavi , 2000 Information technology is significantly changing the way firms are managing their relationships within their markets and the firm ‘s internal and external processes which reduces the internal and external coordination costs , allowing firms to engage in more dynamic and complex relationship settings

The business networks consist of a mixture of vertical relationships and the horizontal relationships and the extent to which the consumer is seen as part of the network depends on the observed firm ‘s position in the value chain and the nature of its business , the retailer represents the link between the corporate business partners and the end consumer

The distribution channels are embedded in the value network of the firm , which consists of all actors and relationships and therefore the network consists besides vertical channel relationships also of horizontal relationships such as between the retailer ‘s chain outlets or the purchasing alliances with other retailers

the information technology is affecting the physical distribution channels which requires the redesign of existing , physical channels and the creation of alternative channels and the distribution systems are changing in to reflect the customer ‘s changing purchasing patterns and in particular their potential preference for multichannel sourcing of the product Industries are facing competitive pressures due to market saturation internalization , the proliferation of the customer needs and the disruptive effects of information technology

In retailing , the distribution channels consist of the vertical relationship chains of differing density , depending on whether supplier , retailer or consumers interact directly or by using intermediaries such as agents or wholesalers The tasks which are performed in the distribution channel

The firm ‘s service or product offering consists of the aggregated value- adding tasks the scope of those tasks usually lies outside a single firm ‘s capabilities

As a consequence corporations are redesigning their business relations and building stronger links with their business partners to gain competitive advantage , especially by deploying information technology

In physical retailing customers are taking care of the delivery to their homes , and in virtual retailing they conduct unassisted s via the internet or participate in the product tests and marketing surveys

Paper Topic: What can a major UK retail electronic goods chain do to enhance customers’ perceptions of service quality

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