What is Happiness?

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Here is how Cyrenaics defined following nature “Gratify the sensuous faculties which are the voices of nature Stoics defined it as following “Satisfy your reason which nature bids us to exalt by the entire suppression of our sensuous appetites Happiness is for them is the result of virtuous living , which reveals in peace and spiritual liberty (Barnet 970 In the ethical system of Aristotle happiness , which is referred to as eudaimonia , is the central object

The nature of happiness the elements that constitute it , the reasons and conditions that cause and define it , the difference between happiness and pleasure , how happiness is connected to the human mind , will and how it influences man ‘s living – these questions were discussed by lots of philosophic schools

Artistotle is agree with Plato in his denial of opposition between nature and reason , set by the Sophists , and central for this school and for Epicurean school , and he also finds this opposition exaggerated

This term is then explained and more closely defined by Plato as such harmonious functioning of the parts of man ‘s soul as shall preserve the subordination of the lower to the higher , of the non-rational to the rational According to this idea , happiness is a necessary part of such agreement rather than recompense

Cyrenaics and Stoics were agree to Plato , while putting happiness as a result of following nature ‘ policy

But they disagree about what eudaimonia is , and the many do not give the same answer as the wise Aristotle refers to nature as to a human nature in general , including both sensuous and rational elements

What is Happiness Introduction The basic meaning of the term happiness ‘ in most popular languages of Europe involves the notion of a good experience , lucky fortune , good event

At present , on the contrary , a lot of schools focus on philosophical psychology , thus taking it as an aspect from which happiness is observed and discussed Ancient philosophy It is well known that in ancient mythology happiness was regarded as a gift , presented to people by Fortune

Both the many and the cultivated call [the highest good] eudaimonia , and suppose that living well and doing well are the same as being eudaimon

It belongs to the whole soul , and Plato refers to happiness as to the primary subject for demand of the soul

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