What is the nature of sociological theorizing? What are the assumptions upon which sociological perspectives on crime causation rest?

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The Role Society Plays 1 Running Head : The Role Society Plays The Role Society Plays Society ‘s Role in Contributing to Criminal Behavior Name School Essay assignment regarding sociological theorizing and how it contributes to crime causation Professor ‘s Name January 2007 The Role Society Plays 2 There is a saying that goes If you want to be a fast horse , you have to run with the fast horses ‘ A slow horse that is placed with the fast horses becomes known as a fast horse , simply because he is grouped with the fast horses

Whether its peers pressuring one to do wrong , or law enforcement controlling criminal-like conditions society ‘s role in crime causation is one major factor in establishing where crime originates Some say that bad people are born as bad people , but if you ask a criminal how he or she became a criminal , they would have a story to tell

Whatever it is that brings a person into a life of crime , sociological theorizing determines that a person ‘s environment somehow plays a role in the development of the criminal mind (Deflem , 2006

These people ‘s appearances have caused the store owner to assume good The Role Society Plays 3 from one person , and bad from the other

Sociological theorizing is based on the premise that society affects criminal behavior

The same can be said about a person who socializes with criminal-minded people

Once the suspicious person has left the store , the store owner ‘s guard lowers knowing that the probability of being robbed or stolen from has ceased

This behavior soon becomes habit , and the child not only hits their parents back , but also others who make the child feel angry or embarrassed A different aspect of theorizing focuses on assumptions society places on certain types of people (Deflem , 2006

When some of us view one type of race , for example , as a menace to society , soon a great portion of society assumes the same

A person who maintains an unkempt , suspicious appearance could walk into a convenient store and be watched for the duration of his or her visit

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