What were the foreign policy successes, and what were the failures, of the Truman administration?

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After the division of Europe and the threat of the Red Menace at home , Truman was faced with the unenviable task of convincing Congress to send foreign aid to Greece and Turkey , countries with rising Communist Parties and at least superficial ties to the Soviet bloc In making the speech to Congress of what would become known as the Truman Doctrine , he for the first time exercised some understanding of the politics of the world around him and the need for the country to base its foreign policy interests on issues other than the threat of Communism

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If his actions had been followed by those who followed in his footsteps instead of his world , the Truman Doctrine might have become the greatest success of his presidency , not as a policy of containment but as a pragmatic approach to dealing with whatever faction is necessary to main American interest Works Cited Alperovitz , Gar , Robert Messer and Barton J Bernstein

Paper Topic: What were the foreign policy successes, and what were the failures, of the Truman administration

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Looking deeply at the speech , it can be observed that the Truman doctrine was largely rhetoric meant to secure the support of the people at home and also lend financial support to much needed allies abroad



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