Womens History

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Paper Topic: Womens History Running Head : Native American Women in the 1890s Consolidation of the West , Mass Immigration and the Native American Women in the 1890s School /College /University Author ‘s Name Subject Consolidation of the West , Mass Immigration and the Native American Women in the 1890s In the late 19th century , two important historical processes reshaped American society

This proved to be a negative experience for Native American women , as by the 1890s , several thousand Native American children were forcibly removed from their parents and were sent to school where they were made to stop dressing , speaking , thinking and believing like Indians ‘ Boys and girls who refused to give up their Indian ways were subjected to repeated and harsh physical punishment

To make matters worse , as soon as they leave these boarding schools , their assimilation into American society consisted only of being servants and menial laborers for white families (Dubios Dumeni , 2005 , 343 Some women supported Americanization attempts because they were able to acquire English literacy and other useful skills in the boarding school system

And for a good reason – the culture of the whites opposed the active role a woman played in Native American society Native American women were more liberated compared to their white counterparts

Native American women also free to own their own homes , participate in decisions about their government and have control of their bodies Government-run boarding schools were used to forcibly educate little Indian boys and girls about the values and ways of dominant American culture

However , some women resisted Americanization attempts , as they believed that Americanization reinforced the whites ‘ oppression of Native Americans

While both developments were geared towards better lives , greater prosperity and increased personal freedom , they also led to the marginalization of Native Americans (Dubios Dumeni , 2005 , 341 White migrants believed that Indians have to make way for the new settlers , for their economic ambitions and for what they regarded to be a superior civilization (Dubios Dumeni , 2005 , 342

In Native American society , matters pertaining to women were the considered as business of women

Hence , the years after 1865 were characterized by a series of armed conflict between Native Americans and white federal forces that wore away at the natives unity and resources

Native American women joined the armed resistance against the white invasion of their ancestral land

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