Workers Compensation and Risk Management

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Paper Topic: Workers Compensation and Risk Management p WORKERS COMPENSATION AND RISK MANAGEMENT 2007 1 What can a PEO do that would help an organization manage its risk One of the most difficult functions of human resource management is that of determining the rates of monetary compensation

From a cost perspective alone , effective management of employee compensation is critical because of the Another reason for studying compensation from the organization ‘s perspective is to assess its impact on a wide range of employee attitudes and behaviors and , ultimately the effectiveness of the organization and its units

S ,The Management of People at Work PEO ‘s have to formulate a pay package and the quantum of take-home pay that is the net packet , after an employee has paid for his deductions Some of these deductions are savings for old age , like the retirement fund and pension schemes

Compensation may directly influence key outcomes like job satisfaction , attraction , retention , performance skill acquisition , cooperation , and flexibility (Backman J ,Wage Administration : An Analysis of Wage Criteria Professional Employer Organizations (PEO ) has a very active and critical role to play

It is not only complex , but significant both to the organization and employees Employee compensation decisions are crucial for the success of an organization

The incidence of tax , either on money incomes or on the taxable income including perquisites , has to be worked out to help manage the risk of organizations (Bowey A

This involves an understanding of various influences controlling compensation , the nature of decision-making bodies and the different traditions and customary attitudes that have developed in individual firms or industries in some cases , the controlling influences may be standards and more of a particular locality or region , sudden change in technology , source of labor supply firm ‘s competitive standing , and general sales-and-profits prospects of the industry A decision about compensation rates in a given situation has to be reconciled With a variety of considerations such as when pay rates should be changed and by how much , how they should be distributed among the different employees , and what firms should be covered

M , Handbook of Salary and Wage Systems 2 Why not just do what a PEO does `in house Organizations have to

In his later years an employee will need to provide for his old age , in terms of a house and a steady income to maintain his habituated life style Another related issue is salary and tax planning

In an employee ‘s earlier years , normally children ‘s education medical treatment , recreation will necessitate a larger income

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