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And this is what Okeke , the main character in the short story Marriage Is a Private Affair ‘ of Chinua Achebe , thinks about his son ‘s marriage when the son decides to choose his own wife , instead of his father ‘s choice

Paper Topic: Write about the following short story Marriage Is a Private Affair Marriage is a private affair

Up to this point , we ‘re definitely sure that Okeke is a very loyal and steadfast follower of his people ‘s tradition , and he has finally decided to reject his son instead

In our case , it ‘s worse – you are not even an Ibo (56 , or A letter will bring it upon him with a sock (57 ) are hints of a stormy angry when ever Okeke knows about his son ‘s private affair of marriage

The idea that individuals have the right to decide on their own about their marriage can be even considered rebellious to the tradition of the country and the people

However , he is at the same time an ordinary father who can hardly resist the love of his family ‘s members Okeke was first introduced to the readers through the talk between a man- Okeke ‘s son- and his fiancy

Okeke , as it seems to us is definitely a strong devotee of his people ‘s traditions

Instead of getting mad , Okeke just keeps silent and merely walked away into his room (58

This seems to be a mild reaction , it ‘s in fact more menacing than a flood of threatening speech (58 because it shows both Okeke ‘s deep disappointment and firm objection Since that day , the father scarcely spoke to his son (58 ) for eight years , and he always displayed so much temper whenever his son ‘s name was mentioned (59

Certainly , the intention of accepting his son ‘s wife will never be brought up to his mind once he has clearly stated : It is Satan ‘s work ‘ and I shall never see her (58 Okeke ‘s reactions make him seem to us a very rigid , rude , and even cold-blooded father whose mind can ‘t be changed

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