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The metaphorical night only gets darker as Eliezer struggles to survive in the brutality and degradation of the camps The rest of Night depicts Eliezer ‘s first , desperate attempts not to be separated from his father , or even to lose sight of him

Eliezer fears that his father ‘s existence might threaten his own survival and he feel ashamed of such thoughts , As Eliezer ‘s sense for physical survival becomes stronger , his attachment to other people decreases

When the fascists come to power in Romania and Jews are deported , Moshe is deported along with them

With the loss of his sense of self , Eliezer also loses his sense of time

Night narrator is an orthodox Jewish teenager named Eliezer and it begins in 1941 in a Hasidic Community in the town of Sighet Transylvania

Paper Topic: Write on Book `NIGHT` Night is Elie Wiesel ‘s magnum opus , a frank , terrible , and deeply moving account of his survival as a teenager in the Nazi death camps

Here Eliezer and his father is separated from his mother and sister and he never sees them again

Some days later , he escapes and comes back to town and tells them that all the deported people were shot

In May 1944 , the Ghettoes are closed and the residents deported by officers of the Nazi SS corp

No valuables were allowed to be kept by the Jews and they were not allowed to visit restaurants or synagogues and they must wear the Yellow Star all the time According to s , the Jews were transferred to one of two ghettos

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