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Its number is statistically determined by allotting a considerable confidence interval that would lead to a conclusion with a known estimate for possible errors Inspection could be done in the appraisal and in the internal cost wherein the company could do the inspection task themselves or to make the inspection more credible they can hire professionals who would do the job independent to the company 6

Paper Topic: WSJ Running Head : COMMODITIES BENEFITS , COMMODITIES RISKS Commodities Benefits , Commodities Risks A Review of Four Wall Street Journal Articles [Name of Author] [Affiliation of author] Commodities Benefits , Commodities Risks Retailers Face the Test of Testing 1

The appraisal cost pertains to the activities designed to find quality problems such as product inspections and any type of testing while the internal and external failure costs are the costs of discovering defects of the product before and after its market release respectively

A Company should allot considerable amount of its capital in to assure its employees and its customers with the safety of handling its products

Commonly , companies should at least meet the given safety standards of the government but they could also conduct a private research to avoid future difficulties with regards to safety 2

`Safe enough ‘ is commonly justified by meeting the maximum allowable parts per piece of regulated substance used for manufacturing But this `Safe enough ‘ status is not as safe as having zero content for this regulated substance

Inspection is one method of testing but it would mean a great lost to production if almost all of the products manufactured would undergo into it

The prevention cost pertains on how would the design for the toy would come up to meet their target costumers while meeting the standards

Company should improve their whole line of products before they would regain once it is lost 7

Managers should do the task of allotting the right amount for the safety procedures in that they could still maximize their desired profits

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