American Cultural History

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Paper Topic: American Cultural History _ : American Cultural History There are many transformations that affected American life from 1940s-1970s various changes and developments occurred during these decades that influenced the culture of people in regards with sports ,movies and the impact of reality TV to the people First is in terms of sports , World War II has a great impact on sports since it able-bodied met between 18-26 years old who were expected to serve the military

Golf Associations were also founded in 1946 (Womens Professional Golf Association ) and 1949 (Ladies Professional Golf Association

Professional golf was also popular and produced golf stars like Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer

Television opened major changes to sports since business goes hand in hand with sports and exploits more profits in the sports market

the famous Marilyn Monroe died in this year and made her movie fans sad , Movies has

Moving to the 1950 ‘s people began to love sports even more and popularity is gained not based on social status but on the athletes capability

In 1960 ‘2 Olympic games was held three times and produced gold medals and world records for Americans Otis David in 400m and Glenn Davis in 400m hurdles and the famous Muhammad Ali who won as light heavyweight boxer gold medalist

There is a shortage on baseball bats and bowling pins but the professional sports is still encouraged to continue to improve the troops morale

by 1960 , musicals became movies like Sound of Music and My Fair Lady

Plots of movies has fairly narrow and predictable sets of morals and where villains are one dimensional like Germans and Japanese

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