American History

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7 percent for the Democrats they won four elections , 1952 , 1956 , 1972 , and 1980 by landslides , one , 1968 narrowly and lost two close ones in 1960 and 1976 Only in 1964 did the Republicans lose by a wide margin

The fact that the Democrats still held a sizable majority in the House was seen as proof of their party ‘s continuing strength Political scientist Walter Dean Burnham termed the result a conservative revitalization ‘ but one that stopped short of making the GOP the dominant party

7 percent in the 1960 ‘s More important , American Industry began to lose its position of primacy in world markets

But most experts did not assess the outcome as a major realignment in American politics equivalent to the Democratic victory of FDR in 1932

The vast majority were white , while blacks still formed the largest ethnic minority The election of Regan showed the voters as rendering an adverse judgment on the Carter administration

Voters were expressing distaste for current economic conditions , not a strongly held ideological preference

In the eight presidential elections from 1952 to 1980 , Republican candidates received 52

So Reagan ‘s victory in 1980 could signal a momentous shift in American party

The movement of the populations from the Northeast and Midwest to the South and West along with the flight from the city , helped the Republicans far more than the Democrats

3 percent of the popular vote , compared to 47

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