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This simplifies the essence of sweating in gym for a time while at sometime one will wear out , grow old and maybe be frail enough to have not even a sinew let alone a muscle Human efforts The salt stain spot In his own inspection of what are the implications of life to human efforts , he disserts the aspects of human travail as a constant trend or rather a commonplace pattern in life

Paper Topic: Analysis Essay Poetic distinction and the metaphor factor Human determination In his poem `At the gym ‘ Mark Doty is excessive in his shrouding his message about the gym as a spa and a exhaustive place where men waste their energy lifting weights which benefit the muscles rather than reduce the weight of human life burden in these men But the metaphor `salt stain ‘ tell away on what he apes so empirically that he makes the situation to resonate with less valour but more adorned conquest of egoistic aspirations , hence his intrinsic assertion that we strive this much for no other reason better than becoming physically appealing personalities

`Our to become objects of desire (30-31 The salt stain spot defines the sweated on area of the bench where men who lift up weights lie on so as to e in position to lift weights and work out their biceps

The gym is the moral position of the human being while the sweat represents human pain and efforts in achieving the value of their efforts

The mark of our struggle is left blotted on the salt stain spot

It is merely to express his understanding of the temporality of human life and that , much of the inspiration within human desire is less paramount in life as much as the vanity of physique

`we sweat the mark of our presence on the cloth (21-32 Human efforts are much of a hustle rather than a smooth ride

This is what the salt stain spot defines

The salt stain spot is then qualified to be a bridge between success and the struggle

His is a profound comparison of life and the intricacy of human activity

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