Any airport industry practice to the field of marketing

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The second stage is training at London city airport , to acquire competence in areas specific to the airport , such as training in the use of breathing apparatus , first aid , water rescue and familiarization with the topography of the airport , buildings and surrounding areas (Keiser 2002 Airport Strategy The airport business strategy from its initial conception to the present day is to be an airport to cater specifically for the needs of the business traveler

The future business strategy of the airport remains focused on the business travel market but it ‘s not always possible to predict precisely which routes will develop in the future

Paper Topic: Any airport industry practice to the field of marketing All aviation fire fighters based at airport in the UK are required to acquire , and maintain competence t5o carry out their fire fighting roles

The acquisition of competence , for London city airports team is completed in the two stages , Firstly by attendance at the international fire training college , at tree side to provide the basic framework for a competent fire fighter

However the airport ahs identified through market research those routes that it sees as presenting the best opportunity for the business to grow and develop and

The yield generated from passengers traveling on business class fares is generally significantly higher than other aviation markets

This is therefore the most profitable market in which to operate and develop the airport

The second consideration was the proximity of the airport to the world ‘s largest financial center , the city of London that is home to over 560 foreign banks , not to many insurance , legal and supporting services

One factor behind this decision was the large demand for international travel that London business generates

Within two hours flying time of London , live 350million people

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