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It is how he assesses the entirety of his life by looking back and saying that he had a good life Happiness is not just the state of pleasure , but rather a culmination and achievement of the things important to say one has led a good life Several of which to consider is health , wealth , knowledge , friendship and virtues

He must see his actions as a means of leading a better life , not just the fulfillment of today ‘s objective but the entirety of his life Life should be lived in pursuit of happiness

In saying this Aristotle also followed up on a logical conclusion , that a life would only be judged to be worthy or not worthy , happy or not happy , upon its completion

A child is not considered happy because of his age These are just among the members of people in which Aristotle say is not leading a good life

Paper Topic: Aristotle Aristotle One of the most profound and ancient questions man has asked is that of what makes life worth living

These answers of his still endure and are still relevant from then , till now here in the 21st century The three main points of Aristotle in answering how life can be measured as worthy involves the concept of life , the pursuit of happiness and utility

Happiness should be one ‘s end goal , the definite conclusion to which he can say that he had lived a good life

That is why in Aristotle ‘s ‘ argument , not all people are entitled to the good life

Being happy is not just a state of pleasure and joy , in Aristotle ‘s context , being happy is not an end to which actions are governed

Returning to our argument about happiness , we see how Aristotle defines happiness by the different attributes of the quality of life

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