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In general , the learning objectives are geared toward the acquisition of skills and competencies in writing for specific purposes Reflecting on the past lessons to write this essay provides an excellent opportunity to convey what I have learned by applying them in this particular task As I write the contents of this essay , I try to remember the rules and guidelines in writing a text such as this

In this particular essay , I have thought about an opening statement that would strongly communicate to the reader that I did learn from this course because the entire essay is about proving that learning really took place

Knowing all these and being able to differentiate the purpose and the manner of writing appropriate for each type of text in terms of technicalities shows the depth of my understanding and familiarity of the lessons covered in this course In addition to these evidences , I can also prove that learning took place because my skills in writing have changed dramatically since the beginning of the course until today

Lastly , the end conclusion of the essay must capture the overall essence of the essay and wrap up all the thoughts and ideas covered herein Moreover , this particular task is not a persuasive essay , so developing a strong argument or position is not fitting

Paper Topic: Assesment Essay This essay is enough proof to show that I have learned a great deal in this course

However , through the lessons and activities in this course , my knowledge about writing has improved

Since this essay is a reflection and a documentation of the past events in this course , transitional devices that will be used are mostly to show , time , and sequence , to give examples , to prove , and to emphasize

Knowing these make writing easier because it stays

This is a reflection , wherein there is a need to evaluate activities and events in the past and the thoughts expressed in it are simply subjective in nature , mostly about personal thoughts and ideas

Writing , at first , was something that I did without putting much thought in it

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