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Policy changes at the national level too were forcing i-mode to make changes that were estranging it form its content providers and resulting in lesser profits due to the new , lesser monthly charges that were to go into effect soon The marketing techniques used in the past by i-mode were effective in capturing their target market

This created a window of opportunity for DoCoMo ‘s i-mode in the sense that it provided users with a way to connect with each other without the hassle and expenses associated with owning a laptop or a PC The target market being adults in 1999 had grown up by 2002

Young teens and adults were the main target market – a market that had a high priority to stay connected with friends and groups but didn ‘t have the proper means to

Even though this somehow did limit the amount of websites a user can visit , the content websites were chosen in such a way as to fulfill the requirements of the target market

With the WAP standard becoming faster and cheaper , the new generation , which media content more over simple text based content was switching to providers who were providing higher data speeds and more elaborate options such as video calls , Multi media messaging etc

They wanted more Apart from a shifting market , i-mode was also facing other challenges First of all , the up coming markets usage rate was a lot less than the previous ones

The cheapest way of being connected was the internet and the target market mostly didn ‘t even own PC ‘s or didn ‘t have the time or capacity to afford the more mobile versions of a PC (PDA ‘s , Laptops etc

This meant lesser revenue per user

Even though i-mode was still the leader with 60 market share , firms like KDDI and J-Phone had come up with more exciting packages , better offers and better handsets with market shares at (and growing ) 24 and 17 respectively

They were ingenious enough to target the right market base along with exactly the right offerings

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