California History

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It made even early , isolated California an international crossroads , more accessible and cosmopolitan than the frontiers of interior America When approached from the sea , California presents a forbidding aspect for along the entire length of its coastline runs the mountain system known as the Coast Range

It was along this stretch of coast from San Diego to San Francisco that the Spanish fathers planted their missions , and here a majority of Californians are still concentrated today Moving eastward from the Klamath Mountains in the north , one passes through the California Cascades , volcanic in origin and dominated by Mt Shasta , to the desolate lava beds of the Modoc Plateau

Continuing into southern California , the coastal mountains spread out eastward to the edge of the Mojave Desert , then turn south in ragged array to the Mexican b

The scenic variety of California is famous Rugged mountains alternate with fertile valleys lush forests on the northwest coast furnish a dramatic contrast to torrid deserts in the southeast

South of San Francisco there are no important coastal streams except , perhaps , the Salinas , but the lowlands interspersed among the mountains become broader and more suitable for agriculture

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The northern part of the Coast Range is cut by swift-flowing rivers like the Trinity the Eel , and the Russian

Farther south the range narrows , and in the vicinity of San Francisco its elevation declines , only to rise again below Monterey

But one must begin with the fact that this is a maritime state , shaped to fit the long curve of its coastline

The major theme of California history has been the arrival of people – people : in endless waves – and the swift conversion of an empty , isolated country into one of the great centers of civilization

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