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127 The horrific events that led to the death of Matthew Shepard ‘s ultimately led to legislation imposing specific laws on those who commit hate crimes , the Matthew Shepard Act of 2007 (Shepard , 2006 ) Though it is obvious that more can be done to further the efforts of the LGBT Community , looking back to the 1940s the movement has been successful in obtaining equality and recognition in the United States

As Sullivan was himself a homosexual the original draft did not contain any reference to disqualification due to sexual orientation , however military officials demanded that homosexuality be declared a mental impairment and a reason for disqualification or dismissal from the United States Military (Berube , 1990

16 The military not only made it legal to discharge a soldier because of sexual orientation , which still exists in the 21st Century , they also gave homosexuality a new face

As word began to get out that the military was rejecting potential soldiers for their sexual orientation gay men and lesbians were given a choice – declare their sexual orientation during the screening process or remain quiet and hide the truth (Berube , 1990 , br 9 When Germany ‘s air bombing of Britain took place in 1940 psychiatric professionals suddenly noticed an opportunity to further an agenda that would publicly validate their profession

Today the LGBT Community referring to Lesbian , Gay , Bisexual and Transgender people , has become a visible minority within society and after years of fighting for the right to be heard , a history was created (D ‘augelli Patterson 1995

Though society still shunned the idea of homosexuality , many of these programs would not have succeeded if not embedded within the LGBT Community (D ‘augelli Patterson , 1995

296 ) The attitude of the homosexual community changed , as suddenly it was no longer the homosexual being the problem to society it was quite the opposite

9 Upon the approval of the United States Government three highly respected psychiatric professionals , Harry Stack Sullivan , Winfred Overholser and Harry A Steckel , set out to determine the screening procedures for the United States Military

A new ideology was born , Out of the closets and into the streets (D ‘augelli Patterson , 1995

64 ) The small Wyoming town ‘s prejudices ‘ did not stop within the limits of the local news , as local officials allowed protestors to picket Matt ‘s funeral – as long as they stayed 50 feet away from the family and friends in attendance

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