College Math Phase 4(A)

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Two such examples are presented below Example 1 Activity of a radioactive sample over time This experiment is done to measure the decay constant and hence the life time of a radioactive material which is decaying into a non-radioactive product

Log plots are also used in the study of the rates of reactions for many reactions , the log of remaining reactant concentration versus time is linear For this Discussion Board , use the Library and other resources to find at least two examples of scientific data that are measured and reported using log scales

Some examples are dependence of rate of chemical reaction on temperature , intensity of a particle or photon beam on the thickness of absorbing media , activity of a radioactive sample at different points in time are some such examples

et al 1997 Time (h ) 1 2 4 6 8 10 12 Counting Rate (counts /min ) 3100 2450 1480 910 545 330 200 /t , where r and r0 are rate of decay at time t and t 0 respectively and

Paper Topic: College Math Phase 4(A) There are different kind of scientific data which are analyzed on a log graph for the sake of simplicity in understanding and presenting the process under investigation

53 Many different kinds of data can be modeled or measured easily using exponential and logarithmic functions

beam while passing through a material is given by the equation I I0e (- /t , where I and I0 are intensity of

The data will look like Plate Thickness (mm ) 0 10 20 50 100 200 400 Intensity (arbitrary unit ) 5000 4500 4050 3500 2450 1200 600 w ` y k m n o H hS hS hS r (c gdS gdS Y O U SH a d i gdS i y

Then he needs to take plates of different thicknesses and measure the intensity of

The data is presented in the following table (Serway R

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