Compare and Contrast essay of Wife of Bath’s Tale and Red Lotus of Chastity.

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himself , man vs nature , and patriotism ( well ,amongst many others , that is ( Meyer 1994 ) This is a comparative analysis between Geoffrey Chaucer ‘s Wife of Bath ‘s Tale ( included in Chaucer ‘s Canterbury Tales , and the story of The Red Lotus of Chastity ( a story from India ‘s Kartha Sarit Sagara )–a story which is also known as The Go-Between and the She-Dog ( Clouston : 1996 ) Chaucer ‘s tale is similar to the Indian legend /fairy tale like story since they both focus on the of giving to one ‘s wife the right to choose and how in a marriage one should expect fidelity and chastity from one ‘s wife However , there are a few differences to befound between the two

COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS : CHAUCER ‘S WIFE OF BATH ‘S TALE AND THE KARTHA SARIT SAGARA ‘S THE RED LOTUS OF CHASTITY [THE GO-BETWEEN AND THE SHE-DOG] It is not usual for lovers of literature to consciously find a connection between Asian Literature and Anglo-Saxon Medieval Literature However , it is always wise to remember the lessons that literature scholars have learned about the great Greek motivations : stories [ literature ] will always be similar to each other , no matter from what global territory that they may originate from , in the sense that the stories that people tend to love will either be about love , anger revenge , war , conflicts about man vs

The knight allowed his wife to make the choices in their marriage , while in her marriage , the Wife of Bath , was having a hard time achieving what she desired the most : which is to gain control of her husband , Jenkins In the Asian story [ India ] The Red Lotus of Chastity , the focus of the moral lesson in the end , is to show the empowerment of the female : that she is the one who acts as the pillar of strength in a marriage , meaning , without the necessary qualities of a good , excellent and ideal wife , a marriage would merely literally break into pieces

In Chaucer ‘s tale , the story is told in relation to the narrator , the Wife from Bath

The wife of the merchant Guhasena , who is Devasmita , is the embodiment of the what Hindu literature acclaims , which is the female shakti -female prowess and power ( Clouston : 1996 ) Devasmita , not only succeeds in proving that she is very loyal and faithful to her husband but she also proves that she is a strong , intelligent , and powerful female character

Paper Topic: Compare and Contrast essay of Wife of Bath’s Tale and Red Lotus of Chastity

It is written somewhere that stories are forms of wish fulfillment ( Argilles : 2001 , and the Wife of Bath was wishing that her husband would be more like the knight in her tale

The lead character is a knight [ obviously very British ) and the old hag in the story is an enchanted lady

Devasmita , brands the heads of the immoral merchants with the mark of a dog ‘s foot on their foreheads , and she also makes them her slaves ‘ at the end of the tale


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